Hi there,

Welcome to my blog and personal web page. My name is Otelemate Harry, also known by the alias Jay Harry on the internet. I am originally from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I currently live in the eastern European city of Budapest in Hungary where I did my university education. I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a bachelor of science Honors degree in Software Engineering, finishing as the best graduating student in the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, and the overall best graduating student in the English program during the spring 2017 graduation ceremony. I was duly honored as the valedictorian at my graduation ceremony.

Delivering my valedictory speech to my fellows.

Delivering my valedictory speech to my fellows in the spring of 2017

My passions lie in the fields of Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, The Industrial Internet, Emotion Recognition Systems, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. I have built a number of web, desktop, server, IoT, and microcontroller software application that utilizing various standard technologies used in the industry. Some of the popular framework that I have worked with include .NET, NancyFX, Spring boot, Angular 2, EmberJS, NoSQL (NDatabase, OrientDB, and MongoDB) and SQL Relational Databases (MySQL, Oracle, and MS-SQL).

My preferred programming languages are C#, Java, TypeScript (due to my love for static typed languages) and JavaScript, but I also have knowledge of Assembly, C/C++, Verilog, and VB.NET.



Me and a group of friends at the GE digital challenge in Budapest. October of 2016.

It is my strong believe that technology should be used as a tool for enhancing the human experience, by improving the living conditions of the people of the world. This has compelled me to build a number of applications that solve simple problems faced by many. Examples of such applications are Veedigo, an A.I based website I co-created with a friend (Tobi Adeyinka), that provide discounts on products and services for students in Budapest, and VidSurveillance, an autonomous real-time intrusion detection system implemented to work with cheap webcams, making it a cost-effective security solution in emerging markets.

My interest in emotion recognition systems led me to extend the VidSurveillance software and create a new software called RealSight. RealSight extends VidSurveillance by adding facial feature and emotion detection functionality to video streams of the connected webcams in real-time, thus providing businesses for example, the ability to measure the satisfactions levels of their customers in real-time based on emotion data. This is Ambient Intelligence at work. There are a lot of other application in the field of healthcare, customer relations, and educations.

I end my autobiography with one of my favorite quotes to inspire someone out there:

you don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. – Les Brown